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a powerful & creative tool

WIREWAX is an interactive video platform helping 40,000+ users from all over the world, empowering them to create powerful and immersive interactive and shoppable videos. Now it’s your turn.


hotspots & overlays

Simply add interactive touchpoints to anything or anyone in your video then link those to fully customizable overlays that reveal themselves when your audience interacts. There are dozens of templates for hotspots and overlays to choose from, or get creative with your own.


Add choices to your video and allow your audience to choose their own journey as they watch. Simply add choice hotspots and link them to keyframes. You can also add automatic pause, loop and skip functions to gamify your experience.

get it to your audience

Once you’ve created your interactive video simply embed the experience onto your website or blog with a simple line of code, or drop it into Facebook, Instagram or more with our straightforward guide and start seeing those interactions come in.

it's time for your video to evolve

measure your success

See live and realtime performance analytics and start measuring how your videos are performing with beautiful and extensive charts, graphs and interaction metrics. Make adjustments to your experience and start seeing the impact immediately.



increase brand recall



increase purchase intent



longer engagement

proven unparalleled performance

Interactive and shoppable video has been proven to significantly increase audience engagement, brand recall, purchase intent and return on investment. Conventional video simply can’t compete. Make your video work harder, stand out from the noise and start seeing performance that matters.

it's time for your video to evolve

join over 40,000 other users

Thousands of WIREWAX videos are created each day using a platform that is trusted by some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world. They are already realizing the potential and gaining returns. Don’t get left behind, come join in too.

the only platform with partnerships

3rd party services, platforms, technologies and networks have chosen WIREWAX as their preferred interactive video partner. Start using the only platform with exclusive partnerships that help you do more, quicker and more efficiently.

it's time for your video to evolve

see what your competitors are doing

WIREWAX is used across commerce, education, entertainment and much more. Take a look at what your competitors are doing.